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Welcome to Dr. Trevino's Practice, Aesthetic Corp Trainings , Beauty Eternal Trainings

Dear Client, Many thanks for your interest in our services!

All new Clients before booking a service shall book a consultation/exam with a Physician. Returning Clients should ensure that their last consult was within previous 12 month.

Physician consultation is fee-based and is valid for 1 year or until medical history has changed. Current Consultation fee is $100 for a telemed consultation and $200 for In-office consultation and is payable in the online prior to your visit. Physician's Consultations are not covered by promotions, vouchers or coupons.

Once successful Medical clearance is granted, please book your appointment online via "Bookings" page.

Beauty Eternal Physicians require annual update consultation to be taken at least  once in a  12 month period or if you have sufficient change in your health status.

Information on prices is available at: Navigate to page “Bookings”. Change the category from default “Consultations” to your category of interest. 

Good day!

Many thanks for your interest in our services.

To proceed first, please book a Physician consultation via +1 (737) 202-9007 (Dr. Trevino). Please text or call. Please pay a consultation fee prior to the consultation via the following link:

Please fill out the following forms prior to the consultation:

Once eligibility is confirmed by the Physician, to book an appointment please visit Use the button ”login/signup” on the top of the screen. Upon completion Navigate to ”bookings”. Choose an appropriate category. Choose your service inside this category. After you proceed and finish booking you will get a confirmation of an appointment on your e-mail.

If you have any questions after a Physician consultation, please contact us via a physician-supervised line at 512-387-3127 (text).


Best regards,

Al, ACA Trainings & Beauty Eternal

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