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Russian Lips

Russian Lips definition

"Russian Lips" is a popular expression, tag, and slang used on social media to describe a specific lip shape. The technique known as "Russian Lips" originated in the Eastern Hemisphere and is designed to reshape and reprofile the lips. It allows medical aesthetic professionals to achieve symmetry in cases where the lips are asymmetrical, correct disproportions between the upper and lower lips, and address gaps between the lips that may be causing physical or aesthetic concerns.

It's important to note that the conventional lip augmentation technique, which is widely used by practitioners worldwide, focuses on increasing lip volume without altering the shape of the lips. This technique is considered a standard protocol and is approved by MediSpa, Plastic Surgeon, and Dermatologist MLP Liability Insurance companies. It is a safe and well-established technique that can be learned in a standard 1-day training.

On the other hand, the "Russian Lips" technique requires more advanced training and hands-on practice to achieve the desired results. Contrary to some myths, having naturally thick lips is not exclusive to Russian women, and achieving the desired effect does not necessarily require special fillers or a large amount of dermal filler.

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