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Terms & Conditions for Contractors & Service Providers
providing services for Beaute Eternelle LLC

Contractors & Service Providers willing to provide or providing the Services or Goods by accepting money from Beaute Eternelle LLC agree with the following terms & conditions:

1. Contractors & Service Providers specifically recognize as non-binding and waive all of the following requirements:

1.1. To waive litigation.

1.2. To waive requirements of arbitrage as the only instrument for the resolution of disputes.

1.3. To waive individual arbitration.

1.4. Recognize ARBITRATION NOTICES as invalid and non-binding.

Thus, all Arbitration Notices become invalidated and enable Beaute Eternelle LLC to:

1) File a lawsuit against Contractor or Service Provider.

2) File or join a class action lawsuit.

3) File or join a class action arbitration.

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