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Please note: Some navigators will not bring you to our location.
Please check the map below.

If you experience a Medical Emergency, please dial 911, visit Emergency Hospital and/or your Primary Care Provider. Our current preferred method of communication is a Physician-supervised line: 512-387-3127 (text messages)/ Option 8 is for urgent calls only. Otherwise please use the form below. 

Наш адрес: Suite 2119, 8701 W Parmer Ln, Остин, Техас 78729.

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Тел.: Голосовой/текстовый: 512-387-3127.

Address: Suite 2119, 8701 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78729

* Note to Beauté Éternelle/Beauty Eternal New and Existing Clients:

At this time, Beauté Éternelle does not have a dedicated Call Center/Receptionist/Front Desk personnel to answer phone calls. Though we apologize for the inconvenience, we want you to know, we are working on solution. Please text us 512.387.3127 (preference). Or you may leave your voice mail at 512.387.3127. (Leaving a voicemail is the least efficient way to reach us.). New Clients, please make sure you book a Pre-Service Medical Clearance Consultation prior to booking a service. Thank you!


If you have urgent request, please send us a message with “Urgent!” in subject field.


Sincerely yours,


Béaute Éternelle/Beauty Eternal


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