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Every one of us is beautiful. Everyone is unique. And sometimes all we need is just the help of professionals to preserve and enhance our natural inner beauty. Book an appointment today!
Aleksandra Vidacic, MD                       

Medical Director


Dr. Vidacic is a board-certified physician and doctor of internal medicine. She views cosmetic dermatology as synergistic to a happy, healthy lifestyle and regularly counsels her patients in a balanced approach to the very real benefits. Dr. Aleksandra Vidacic has a strong interest in integrative medicine and focuses on prevention as well as aging skin care.

Gary Albertson, MD


More than 25 years ago, Dr. Albertson became interested in anti-aging medicine. Through the years, he has expanded his knowledge and his strong desire to help patients improve their quality of life as they age. As an anti-aging physician, he has been helping patients achieve this goal for many years. 

Nina Tupushev, APRN-CNP, FNP-C, MSN, Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner                           

Experienced professional in aesthetics, certified in non-medical application of Botulinum Toxins, HA Fillers, Laser Rejuvenation, PDO/PLA Face & Body Thread-lift, Minimally Invasive face-lift, Weight-Loss Therapy, Fat Transfer, Hormone Replacement Therapy,  etc.


Beautiful Body
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