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We had some changes to our medical clearances prior to Aesthetic Service. Effective May 15th 2024 not all clients require a clearance by a Physician. However, all Clients require a Medical Clearance by the FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) prior to the Service to evaluate eligibility to receive certain aesthetic service, which require medical evaluation and Rx prescription. If you require an evaluation by a Physician (Dr. Albertson or Dr. Vidacic) we will contact you. 

STEP 1. Fill out the following forms prior to the consultation:

  STEP 2. Fill out and submit Consultation Request form with a fee (forms below on this page).


Once consultation is done and eligibility is confirmed, to book an appointment please visit Use button ”login/signup” on the top of the screen. Upon completion Navigate to ”bookings”. Choose a appropriate category. Choose your service inside this category. After you proceed and finish booking you will get a confirmation of an appointment on your e-mail. 

The reason behind the formalization of a medical clearance prior to the service is that the State of Texas requires Cosmetic Services involving FDA-approved equipment and drugs, such as lasers, dermal fillers, PDO/PLA threads, botulinum toxins, etc be checked for eligibility via an assessment by a healthcare provider, it requires RX prescriptions and number of other compliance documents. 

If you have any questions after a Physician consultation, please contact us via a physician supervised line 512-387-3127 (text).

Please also read our pre- and post- service guidelines here:

We thank you for choosing Beauty Eternal!


By electronic means teleconference, telemed, online app etc. By appointment only. Appointment is to be booked via submission of the Form below "Telecon/VideoApp Consultation/Exam only"

In-office Physician Consultation/Exam

If you are looking for an in-office Physician Consultation please text us 512-387-3127 and use the form below to make a payment. Due to COVID-19 we request to book in-office consultation at least 2 weeks prior to the planned service.

*Consultations are limited to 15 minutes and are valid for 1 year.

Skincare | Botox | Rejuvenation | Facelift | Antiaging | Fillers | Thread lift 

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