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Russian Lips is a popular expression, tag, slang, used in Social Media to describe a certain shape of lips. See below.

Russian Lips is a specific injection technique which originated from Eastern Hemisphere and is purposed to re-shape the form and the profile of lips. Such technique allows medical aesthetic professionals to achieve symmetry, in cases when lips are asymmetrical, compensate for disproportions between upper and lower lips, correct lips surfaces, when the patient has gaps between upper and lower lips when such gaps disturb client physically or aesthetically etc. Conventional lips augmentation technique developed by manufacturers of dermal fillers used by most of practitioners all around the world are considered a standard protocol technique and is purposed to augment the lips in volume without changing the shape of lips. Potentially such standard protocol technique is approved by all MediSpa, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist MLP Liability Insurance companies and probably is a safe harbor for practitioners as the technique is old, tested & proved. This technique is easy to learn and allows practitioners to start practicing lips augmentation procedure after a standard 1-day training. "Russian lips" technique requires more advanced trainings and hands -on practice to achieve the desired result. The challenge here is to achieve the results with a maximum safety.


Myths & Truth:

- Russian women have naturally have thick lips - Myth;

- Only special fillers allow to achieve such effect - Myth;

- This technique requires a lot of dermal filler - Myth; 

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