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Welcome back! And thank you again for choosing Beauty Eternal

We did have changes with regard to a pre-service medical clearance. Effective July 1st, 2024 Loyal Clients are not required to pay for a Medical Consultation to check eligibility for aesthetic services. While such assessment is still performed, now it is performed by the FNP/APRN and covered by an aesthetic procedure fee. 

The reason behind the formalization of medical clearance prior to the service is that the State of Texas requires Cosmetic Services involving FDA-approved equipment and drugs, such as lasers, dermal fillers, PDO/PLA threads, botulinum toxins, etc. be checked for eligibility via a medical assessment by a healthcare provider, it requires RX prescriptions and the number of other compliance documents. Basically, medical assessment shall evaluate if you are eligible for an aesthetic service. If your Health Status had a change, please contact us to have a re-evaluation prior to the service.


Some services require you to submit your photo in accordance with the following guidelines (Page "Photo"):

Please also read our pre- and post-service guidelines here:

*Consultations are limited to 15 minutes and are valid for 1 year.

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