Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Did you ever observe how old buildings are destroyed by explosion, or how tornado damages cities or flame burns forests? I’m pretty sure you did. At least saw it on YouTube. What is common in damage and destruction? Something new will probably appear at the place suffered from such destruction over time. Or maybe not…..

What about dual-use goods are products and technologies? Google it! Yes, the definition is, those are the products that could have both military and peaceful aims. For example, the same rifle could be a mean for your self-defense at your home kept inside the safe box or could be used for a hunting game, kept as a collection art item hanging on your wall, or it may be used by a soldier during the war. The same way some devices and substances could be used on one side for medical purposes on another side for aesthetic services.

Most of the Anti-aging and Rejuvenating services are destructive. That’s what makes it an activity opposite to a Medicine. Whereas Medicine is an activity purposed to diagnose and treat a disease or correct a trauma/injury by a Physician or Surgeon, where the core principle is to help an individual who is suffering from such a deviation from a norm and affected health, to help such person to relieve suffering and help individual to heal as soon as possible. Including relief from another integral part of medicine - pain, as a factor causing a patient to ask for medical help without delay.

Aesthetics acts in the opposite. The healthy client is asking for a service and addresses wish to change the appearance per their understanding of beauty.

Here are some of the widespread services in the aesthetics industry:

Laser, IPL (intensive pulsed light), BBL (broadband light). There is a whole bunch of different types of lasers, YAG, Q-switched, Alexandrite, Nd, CO fractional, Diode, with most powerful as of today Pico-second Laser. While Laser makes strikes at the narrow spot, IPL is more scattered. As you know the laser is a device with a powerful light that is purposed to destroy human tissue. Sagging skin, hair removal, hyperpigmentation, spots are eliminated by the destruction of the upper skin layer. Such destruction is purposed to let the body to generate brand new/young layer of the skin; Healing after such service proceeds differently in different people. The word “Treatment” in such context is not adequate to its meaning, because in this instance laser is not treating but is damaging, which may have different consequences, depending on the person’s health, lifestyle, behaviors, adherence to post-service instructions and many other factors; You can smell burning skin during the service because your skin burns. The important thing – not to be exposed to the active sun after the service. Sun may cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. So, more pigments may come, while you are trying to get rid of a few that you already have. Fitzpatrick scale skin types 3> have more risks of hyperpigmentation. It is quite normal that affected skin will create blisters. You don’t want scars? The answer is simple – do not remove blisters, even if it is itchy and the blister begs to remove him. They will fall off themselves opening a piece of new skin when the right time comes.

Chemical peels – basically the same principle as the laser/IPL, but the acting substance is a chemical acid that destroys the upper layer of the skin.

Microneedling. Microneedling device has a tip with several needles. The machine works on the principle of progressive return movements. Needles penetrate the skin to damage not only the surface but deeper tissues. Needles destroy tissue to allow new tissue to grow. Human body understanding that it was damaged starts to boost collagen production and brings all necessary “construction” elements to build brand new tissue;

Microdermabrasion – the upper layer of the skin is removed by the abrasive machine.

Dermaplanning - The upper layer is removed by a scalpel.

Radiofrequency device. Such a device generates microcurrents at a certain frequency within the range, which is considered as radiofrequency. As you know radio waves may travel to a certain distance. In this case, waves are adjusted to travel deeper into the tissue causing heating of the tissue and its destruction. In such a case, the upper layer of the skin is not affected, but destruction is happening at a certain depth. Clients having implants especially metal should not have such service at and near an implant location, because microcurrent will cause the implant to heat at a higher rate, as the metal has higher thermal conductivity.

High Intensity Focused ultrasound. The principle of action is like radiofrequency, but the acting force is ultrasound. An ultrasound transducer generates ultrasound waves. Again, the concentration of power is achieved at a certain distance from the tip. Tip that is 1.5 mm causes tissue heating and destruction at the depth of 1 .5mm. There are different tips, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm etc. Focused ultrasound is widely used for fat destruction. The high heat generated by the ultrasound device destroys fat cells. Contents of the fat cell start to leak, and the body makes all attempts to drainage liquid contents of the fat cells from the body. To a certain extent, it is contamination which our body is trying to get rid of.

Botulinum Toxin. As you may be aware there are diseases called Botulism and Tetanus which are caused by neurotoxins produced by Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium tetani, respectively. The bacteria and the toxins they produce are closely related (you may read the article below for more information on that and in other sources). So, Botulinum Toxins (aka Botox) is the excrement of clostridium bacteria specially grown in Pharmaceutical laboratories. When injected Botox causes muscles to paralyze. In simple words, Toxin is a Poison, which makes a certain function of our body to work as not intended by the body. So, for example, forehead muscles when injected stop to work as designed by nature. So as soon as muscle does not contract, skin does not make folds and wrinkles are not formed. As you know when a syringe needle penetrates the skin, the needle has contents of Botox in its full length. While traveling to the point of destination contents may spread. As well after the injection, because the face has a lot of blood vessels and technically during injection tissue, vessels, nerves are affected no matter what (have a look at the face blood vessels and nerves via the following link):

After Botox injection, toxins may migrate to nearby areas. That’s why in all post-service instructions you can see that you should stay in an upright position within at least 4-6 hours because if you lay down it will spread around. You cannot apply warmth to the area as it will cause blood vessels to expand and increase blood circulation. That will cause the affected area to leak and blood may deliver a certain number of toxins to the areas where it is not intended to be. That’s why the undesired consequences of Botox injections are not considered as side-effects, but a possible consequence of injection because of the general mechanism itself. None Provider may guarantee the desired result of Botox before the service. So, it is “heads and tails” story. However, Injection must be made only by those who have a background in medicine, trained, certified and delegated by a Physician for this particular service. Another point to mention, Botox takes 7-14 days to start to work

There is an antidote for Botox, a substance that will try to repair affected function. For example, if a droopy eyelid situation happens, it is possible to resolve it within a few weeks, subject to Client following ALL post-service instructions. Also, some microcurrent stimulators/rf/ultrasound could be used to restore lost function.

The metabolic rate is another factor to mention. Those Clients who are involved in high-intensity training, cross-fit, sprint run, etc., may burn Botox fast. No surprise some Client may return to Service Provider in a month, saying Botox does not work as intended. Also, for some people, Botox does not work all. Toxin can’t block movement function. As we said each body is unique and has certain reactions to certain impacts.

Bruising after any injection is unavoidable, still, you penetrate living tissue with a high density of blood vessels underneath. Ice helps but it is not an absolute cure from bruises. You won’t find a big chunk of ice that will fit all your forehead to cover it completely. Bruises will go away within a week or two naturally.

Dermal Fillers. There are different dermal fillers available on the market. The most widespread are Hyaluronic Acid, Calcium Hydroxylapatite and Polylactic Fillers. As you know both Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium are natural components of our body. Although in this case, we deal with substances that are produced at Pharmaceutical Plants. Our body perceives these are vitamins. While filler is injected either to occupy a lost volume of the face when we talk about anti-aging or add additional volume if the clients perceive he or she needs more volume there. Of course, this is a temporary measure. Over time, the body will “eat” hyaluronic acid and calcium as vitamins. Again, such lost volume or additional volume is not intended by mother nature. Still, the body may think it is an “alien body” and try to get rid of it. The important thing to mention, Hyaluronic Acid will absorb and keep water/liquid molecules from the body after injection, that’s why we may observe unevenness, bulges, hypervolume. Don’t yet try to run for the follow-up to inject and balance volume. Give it a week at least to normalize. Because after balancing out you may notice unevenness again. The final effect after injection can be seen in as long as in a few months. Where there is an antidote for Hyaluronic Acid, called Hyaluronidase, it may help to remove Hyaluronic Acids, again the aesthetics results are not guaranteed, but as for Calcium filler or it is also called an Implant, it is not possible to dissolve it and let it leave your body. You will need to wait until it will go away. Again, as those Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium are not produced by your own body, they may be considered as “alien bodies” or “implants”. Again, the needle of the syringe has a substance inside and while the needle is traveling penetrating skin, it might be affecting vessels and might be affecting nerves, you never know what the consequences will be. The worst consequence possible may be the case when the substance blocks a blood vessel and causes necrosis. But wait, don’t panic yet. Necrosis must be diagnosed. So, it means that if you think it is necrosis or if google says it is necrosis, it is not necessarily necrosis. Our body is unique and has a lot of protective options built-in, so your Physician would help to resolve such an issue if it happened. Again, it is one of those possible complications described by Manufacturers and mentioned on all consents. Blunt cannula instead of the needle is one way to avoid damage to blood vessels and nerves. But needles are usually the standard attachment to the syringes with a dermal filler.

PDO/PLLA Thread-lift. PDO (Polydioxanone) and PLLA (Polylactic Acid) are substances that are absorbed by our body over time. That’s why they were chosen by Pharmaceutical companies as an implant which will lift sagging skin. Threads, in general, could be classified into two groups. Those which will mechanically lift sagging skin and those which are intended only for collagen boost.

Let’s start with the last ones. This a usually small, thin threads without barbs. The practitioner will inject a certain number of threads. Needle with thread or cannula with thread will penetrate tissue under your skin and will bring certain damage. The implant will help to create a fibrosis tissue. The principle of action is like scar tissue. Such fibrosis inside forms a certain kind of volume and tension. This way we can see an “effect of a facelift”.

Barbed threads are more complex. Needle or cannula with barbed thread will travel under your skin destructing tissue. Barbs act like hooks, where hooks cling tissue. After the thread is appropriately located, the Practitioner will create tension, lifting sagging skin. Barbs fix the thread in a certain position not allowing the skin to sag. Technically skin is hanging on hooks from inside. Again, the body starts to ”repair” damages and creates fibrosis tissue, kind of “scars” inside, which will lift your skin. Again, when you destroy something, consequences may vary. No guarantee of a successful result can be provided. Risk of undesired result shall be split 50/50 between the Service Provider and the Client; Depending on type or material of the Thread, it will dissolve within 1-1.5 years. Dissolving time also depends on metabolism.

Clients shall trust their service provider and if the undesired result is noted let providers fix the issue. Most of Service Providers with pleasure will try to do their best to fix it. One of the mistakes that Clients do, they try to search for advice from somewhere else, and that’s where some Professionals sometimes working unethically and immediately try to blame service providers of incorrect actions even without knowing all backgrounds and facts. Don’t go to such “professionals” for advice or correction. Only those who know that risks are unavoidable and dealt with risks numerous times will never say it was done wrong without going through any documents and input from those who performed the service. Moreover, don’t trust the internet too much. The Internet gives you what you search for. If you will go and search for example “sitting in the chair is dangerous” you will find a lot of search results which will describe sitting in the chair as a dangerous activity. You can imagine what you can find concerning aesthetic services.

Deoxycholic Acid is known under the Brand of Kybella. A direct fat destruction weapon. Destroys the fat cell membrane. Contents of a fat cell start to leak into the intercell pockets. Then the body is trying to get rid of contaminants on its own. First what happens after the de