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Non-invasive non-surgical skin lift Plex

  • 1 hour
  • 800 US dollars
  • Beauty Eternal Main

Service Description

Non-invasive non-surgical skin plasma lift is a new technology in Aesthetics industry. It allows to boost rejuvenation with minimum downtime and optimal safety. From the physical point of view, "Plasma" is defined as the fourth state of matter (in addi­tion to solid, gaseous and liquid}, and it can be thought as a "liquefied gas", according to physicists. It is actually a ionized gas, in which its ions are free to move, a highly volatile set of electrons and ions globally neutral. The "ionized" term indicates that a significantly large population of electrons was torn by the respective atoms, creating an active radius of microplasma that, thanks to the electroma­gnetic potential difference between the device tip and the human tissue, "deconstructs" the components of epidermis (keratinocytes}, subliming them.

Cancellation Policy

Services: No-shows are the worst. They’re a drain Aesthetics Business time and bottom line. So to ensure that Service Provider has as few missed appointments as possible, No-Show Protection was added Appointments system. This option requires clients to enter their credit card information when they book. The fee is applied if someone misses the appointment or cancels at the last minute. Businesses using the Appointments system have found that merely instituting a policy reduces no-shows. The simple act of entering card information is often enough to keep customers from missing their appointment. Customers may store their credit card on file and make their checkout experience even more seamless. If the appointment is missed, enforcement option is enabled, it will remove the missed appointment from the calendar. If this occurs within cutoff window, the appointment is marked as a late cancellation and system is prompted with the option to enforce fee. Likewise, if the appointment is removed after its start time, system is prompted to mark it as a no-show. By proceeding and making an appointment I provide my consent with terms & conditions of the no-show protection deposit. No-penalty cancellations or reschedules are available latest 24 hours prior to the booking made. Maximum quantity of cancellations beyond 24 hours (standard cancellation) is 1 per month. Standard Cancellations are subject to refunds. In order for us to make a refund our specialist will require 4 last digits of the credit card you did use during the booking and the date of transaction. That information is required to be sent to 512-387-3127. Thank you for understanding. Trainings: All payments are due in full amount upfront / prior to the training. No refunds are provided, however credit towards future training option is available. Please don't hesitate to address your question via our Physician-supervised line 512-387-3127.

Contact Details

  • 8701 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX, USA


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